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Jennifer KeltonThe About page is in the works.. as mentioned in What is a Nerd Girl? life has been busy with the migration of to a new platform, I hope to get this up ASAP!

Till then this is the premise of the NerdGirlsAGoGo blog… is dedicated to, fashion, music, art, travel, environment, humanity, sports, life, tequila and much more!
(Just some of the things that get me excited daily.)

I realized as the woman behind the Social Dating site and blog at and also that I was always finding ways to slip this type of content in… Even though it had nothing to do with “dating” but life!

…And in the age of cyber-space and technology in the year 2008 the lines of information and communication have been cracked wide- open.

Which allows us to become even more curious and hungry to learn from the comfort of our desk.

This being said as the woman behind NerdGirlsAGoGo I can say this – with as many hours that I spend behind the screen – I’m 100% loving to post, write and talk about this mis-mosh of fantastic, interesting and humorous things that get me thinking, or so jazzed that I want to share it with the entire world!

To be continued…

Nerd Girls A GoGo – Life Blog, Jennifer’s Running Blog and California & Venice Beach Pictures

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