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John McCain vs Barack Obama!

What does Paris Hilton and Britney Spears have to do with politics? The race for the White House sinks to an all time low! Jonn McCain Latest Official Video

Bizarre News of the Day

Bandit bungles cafe holdup, leaves a tip Disguised robber flees 5 bucks poorer Tuesday, July 29, 2008 By Michelle Hunter It isn’t often that a business actually makes money on a holdup. Then again, Friday’s attempted armed robbery of a Metairie restaurant was far from normal. A man dressed as a woman in a wig […]

You bought what on ebay?

Very Odd Online Auctions… Would you pay US $5.50 for empty prescription bottle or what about US $24.50 for a pen cap? Is value really in the eye of the beholder? Check out all 24 items for sale on

The Young Turks

McCain Claims He Knows How to Capture Bin Laden — What’s Stopping Him?

Women’s Motocross to Debut at X Games Fourteen

Women’s motocross will be added to the sports lineup at the X Games 14. For more information go to the – Women’s Motocross Association-WMA site. *Fourteen hours of live X Games programming on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC — all showcased in high definition — will be aired July 31 – August 3, as well as […]

America’s Got Talent Recap July 30, 2008

While there was no reaching for the tissue box this week. These three people stood out and rocked it hard on this weeks America’s Got Talent auditions that came via – Spc. Daniel Jens (US Army) – America’s Got Talent 2008 Holly Stone – America’s Got Talent 2008 Randy Hanson – (Ozzy Impersonator) – […]

Bizarre News of the Day

Holy hooligans! Phony ‘Joker’ arrested in Michigan for trying to steal posters and other Batman related items while dressed as the ‘Joker.’

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel

Last night I was able to catch (no pun intended) Air Jaws:Sharks of South Africa on Shark Week. I must say I was making loud audible gasps while I watched the incredible power of the great white sharks. Ok, I’m trying really hard to not feel heart sick for the seals, and accept that it’s […]

UFO Cover-up, or Not?

As a kid I did countless reports on UFO’s, so when I saw this interview on Larry King with the authors Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt of the book Witness to Rosswell – Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-up – which was written about the Roswell UFO cover-up, I felt that childhood curiosity all over […]

Bizarre News of the Day too many bong hits perhaps? Betting With Pot

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